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The Hw/Sw Interface. Section 3: Basics of Architecture, Machine Code

30 Nov 2015   |   iker hurtado  
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These are my notes on the section 3 of the course (Coursera): The Hardware/Software Interface (by Gaetano Borriello, Luis Ceze - University of Washington)

The first lecture of this section is on processor architecture. It is very basic, so I don't extract anything of that part.

On the other hand, the second lecture was more interesting to me. Some of the issues that it touches on:

  • Definition of architecture (Instruction Set Architecture): The parts of a processor design that we need to understand to write assembly code. In other words, what is directly visible to software.
  • Assembly programer's view.
  • An example of C code compiled to assembly instructions.
  • Assembly kinds of instructions and data types.
  • Object code
  • Machine instruction example
  • Disassembling object code
  • Registers in IA32 and x86-64 architectures

Finally, I embed the video-lecture because of the interest of the explanation: