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The Hw/Sw Interface. Section 2: Integer and Floating Point Numbers

30 Nov 2015   |   iker hurtado  
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These are my notes on the section 2 of the course (Coursera): The Hardware/Software Interface (by Gaetano Borriello, Luis Ceze - University of Washington)

I was clear about the concepts explained in the first two lectures of this section: encodings and representation of integers; so, I've not extracted content from those parts.

Regarding to the work with integers in C, the details about signed-unsigned integer casting and automatic sign extension attracted my attention.

Signed-unsigned integer casting

There are explicit and implicit (via assignments and function calls) castings.

In casting between signed and unsigned integers bits are unchanged, just interpreted differently.

Sign extension in C


I studied the floating-point representation in detail some time ago, but this course touches on the floating-point operations too. I extract the three main slides:

Interesting the slide about floating-point types and their casting in C: