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Relearning C++ (compilation post)

6 Mar 2015   |   iker hurtado  
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This is a compilation post where I gather all entries I have written in my time relearning C++. This compilation and each of these posts are not intended to be exhaustive resources for learning C++, rather, they are personal notes for later inquiries. I also collect the books and web pages I have read this time.

First in college and later in several moments of my career, I've used the C/C++ language but I've never learned or mastered seamlessly. Now, with my professional focus in low-level, performant, graphics software, it was time to study it in depth. This entry is the result of this period relearning C++.

These are the posts I wrote while:

The process of writing, building and executing a program

Notes on variables, basic types, type conversion and casting

Notes on statements, expressions and operators

Notes on arrays and strings

Notes on references, pointers and dynamic memory management

Notes on functions

Notes on uses of const qualifier

Notes on the Standard Template Library (STL)

Notes on entity scope, visibility and namespaces

Notes on the heap, the stack and the storage duration

Notes on Exception handling (pending)    

Notes on classes (pending)

Miscellaneous (pending)   


I have read these books:

C++ Primer (5th Edition)

Desarrollo de videojuegos: un enfoque práctico – 2014 (This book is focused on real-time and interactive application programming in C++ and includes very good information on this language)

Web resourses


Learn C++

C++ - Programming notes of Chua Hock Chuan

C++ Tutorials - cplusplus.com

Site index for on C++, C, STL, Win32, MFC, Winsock, Linux Socket tutorials (This page has very detailed and low level tutorials; awesome resource)


Reference - C++ Reference

C++ reference - cppreference.com