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How to programmatically post on social networks

1 Dec 2014   |   iker hurtado  
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This post is a short study I did for my particular needs of automatic publication on the three major social networks: Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The little code I've considered relevant to publish is Go code.

At first, I thought the best way to introduce myself to the topic was to learn the current version of the standard authentication protocol OAuth 2.0; but I was wrong: authorization and publication system of these social networks are quite different from each other. And although ultimately all of them use some version of OAuth, it's not worth studying the entire protocol; it has many use cases, is complex.

In short, opt for studying these services independently and sequentially. As each has enough to tell, I created an entry for the system:

How to programmatically post on Twitter

How to programmatically post on Facebook

How to programmatically post on Google+

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