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Going deeply into Javascript (Compilation post)

27 May 2015   |   iker hurtado  
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This is a compilation post where I gather all entries I have written in my time going deeply into Javascript. This compilation and each of these posts are not intended to be exhaustive resources for Javascript, rather, they are personal notes for later inquiries.

I had some knowledge on JavaScript from my time programming with GWT and I use jQuery sometimes for limited web funcionality, but I have never studied or used JavaScript seriously. It was time to study it in depth, given its importance and usefulness nowadays. This entry is the result of this period going deeply into Javascript.

These are the posts I have written while:

Notes on types, expressions, statements and operators

Notes on Number, String and Array types

Notes on functions, scopes and closures

Notes on JavaScript objects

Notes on Additional topics (pending)


This good book was the basis of my learning:

Speaking JavaScript