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[book] Desarrollo de Videojuegos: un enfoque práctico (3ª Ed.)

6 Feb 2015   |   iker hurtado  
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First published: 2014 - 1160 pages

My brief [pending to complete]

This is a very interesting and large book; it's focused on real-time and interactive application programming and has a very practical approach.

Concerning its content, we can find very good knowledge about:

  • C++: fundamentals, classes, polymorphism, design patterns, STL, data structures, exception handling, C++11, and so on.
  • Graphics: graphics pipeline, maths for computer graphics, graphic resources and file system, textures and lighting foundations, introduction to OGRE framework and more.
  • Physics simulation

As its title indicates, it is written in Spanish. It's the base text of a course of a Spanish university.