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[book] Android NDK Beginner’s Guide

21 Jan 2015   |   iker hurtado  
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First published: January 2012 - 436 pages

My brief

This is a good book; very practical (a lot of code) but accompanied by good explanations if convenient. Oriented to graphics and multimedia programming in the last few chapters.

The books has good coverage of this topics: JNI, fully-native application programming and Native app glue library use, handling input and sensors data, sound OpenSL ES API, porting existing libraries to Android, simulating physics with Box2D and some theory about collision detection.

The part I did not like was the graphics one. The book only covers the OpenGL ES 1.1 API that is nowadays a unused version (It is logical, it's a book of 2012).

The editorial web page: Android NDK Beginner’s Guide | Packt