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Iker Hurtado's pro blog
Developer | Entrepreneur | Passionate
I'm a software engineer specialized in simulation, graphics and GPU programming. My target platforms nowadays are Linux, Android and the Web client.    

About me

I'm IKER HURTADO DIAZ DE CERIO, SOFTWARE ENGINEER specialized in SIMULATION, GRAPHICS and GPU PROGRAMMING, currently based in PAMPLONA (SPAIN). As for the emotional aspect: ENTHUSIASTIC, COMMITTED and convinced of the VALUE of my profession.

I've an intimate relationship with my profession, it's part of me. I can not imagine spending half life to something that does not satify me. So, I devote to my enthusiasms from my values and I try to improve the world with my work.

My professional dedication is the union of my two intellectual passions: knowledge, science as an end and information technology as a revolutionary means, or otherwise, the computing applied to learning, dissemination and development of knowledge, science and engineering/technology.

My core values are honesty with me and the rest, seriousness in professional attitudes, and maximize the value contribution of my work.

My current professional interests are simulation, graphics and scientific computing. Lately I'm also pretty excited about the possibilities of virtual/augmented reality.

Regarding the areas of activity which I can work in are:

  • EDUCATION: Visual and interactive software for science learning.
  • SERIOUS GAMES: Interactive simulations for professional training.
  • VIDEOGAMES: Games with physics simulation inside.
  • ENGINEERING: Software tools for engineering desing and simulation.
  • SCIENCE: Software tools for scientific modeling and simulation.
  • ART: Software tools or APIs for visual art based in nature phenomena.

I am also very flexible in terms of the way I work: I can do it remotelly as freelance or contractor if appropriate.