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Iker Hurtado's pro blog
Developer | Entrepreneur | Passionate
I'm a software engineer specialized in simulation, graphics and GPU programming. My target platforms nowadays are Linux, Android and the Web client.    

About this blog


The main purpose of this blog is to be a learning tool. For me: it'll allow me to register, consolidate and return to what I learn and consider relevant. For the rest: I hope my content is useful for other programmers.

Another goal is to make myself known in the field of graphical and scientific programming -in which I have little time-, interact and learn from other persons, and meet and be in contact with programmers that love this field.


Here, I'll write about all the technologies, platforms, APIs, languages, etc, that I'm working with and learning about.

My areas of interest are physics simulation (scientific computing in general), graphics and GPU programming.


I do not impose any strict publication frecuency on myself but I have the commitment and the habit to write down what I learn; so I hope this blog is active forever.

In addition to entries text I will share code through some code sharing platform.