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I'm a software engineer specialized in simulation, graphics and GPU programming. My target platforms nowadays are Linux, Android and the Web client.    

[book] Understanding ECMAScript 6

25 Oct 2016   |   iker hurtado  

Published: 2016 - 322 pages

My brief

I wanted to get started with ECMAScript 6 version of Javascript and this book fitted my needs.

In addition to explain perfectly the new features of ECMAScript 6, it does contextualize the problem that each new feature wants to solve coming from the older versions, the evolution of the language. It's a very good way to learn the new version and, at the same time, go deeply into the language.

The book web page: Understanding ECMAScript 6

[book] Web Audio API

25 Oct 2016   |   iker hurtado  

Published (first edition): March 2013 - 63 pages

My brief

This brief book is a good introduction to the native capability of the web browser as sound and music player.

The book teaches at the same time and with examples sound and music concepts and the JavaScript API that the browser makes available to the programmer.

The book web page: Web Audio API | O'Really

[book] SPA Design and Architecture: Understanding Single Page Web Applications

25 Oct 2016   |   iker hurtado  

Published: 2016 - 312 pages

My brief

This is a good book to enter the Simple Page Application world. The main architectural concepts (modularity, routing, inter-module interaction, etc) of this kind of applications are very well exposed.

On the other hand, the book explains how to choose frameworks or libraries, the strengths and weaknesses of each. There are quite a lot code and examples.

The innerHTML=+ issue

25 Oct 2016   |   iker hurtado  
The only noticeable issue I suffered building my first vanilla JavaScript SPA (NOMAD/Encyclopedia web client) was the mysterious removal of event handlers of elements inside element being updated through the innerHTML attribute. The cause is quite obvious. Because of that, the purpose of this entry is mainly as a remainder.

This post is exactly about this problem: Manipulating innerHTML removes events – Friendly Bit. The key point here is that the String type is immutable:

Obviously, events on an element cannot be retained if the element is replaced by a completely different string using innerHTML. You basically throw away that part of the DOM and write it new.

Adding using the unary + (“+=”) is just a “shorthand” for reading, adding, and reassigning values.

Modifying innerHTML causes the content to be re-parsed and DOM nodes to be recreated, losing the handlers you have attached.

A very good alternative seems the Element.insertAdjacentHTML() method.